Wholesale Pokyshop:

Creativity at scale

This is Pokyshop’s wholesale marketplace, where retailers and designers express their creativity through the buying and selling of things you won’t find in your average store.

Over 10,000 retailers stock their shelves with goods from the independent designers and makers who sell here. Their customers get to discover designers who live in their neighborhood and around the world, and designers get to see their creations sold in stores from small town boutiques to large, national retailers.

Pokyshop Wholesale is a private marketplace, which means you have to apply to buy or sell.

Once you’re in, you’ll experience the same direct connection with creative people as on Pokyshop–people from all over the world who are just as passionate about unique, high-quality goods as you are.

Establishing your brand online with pokyshop.com.

For Buyers:

If you are a buyer and wanted to purchase something on bulk as a wholesaler. Pokyshop.com gives you an option just right to the product as BULK ENQUIRY. Click on bulk enquiry of particular product, Fill the form and submit. Our Team will call you and help you to make bulk order for particular product. Team will help you in negotiating the price of that product if you are purchasing in bulk.

For Sellers:

If you are a wholesaler or manufacturer and wanted to sell your products online in bulk. Pokyshop.com is a best platform for you. Our dedicated team for manufacturers will work with you. From photoshoots to data making, Uploading to Marketing of your products will be done by dedicated team of pokyshop.com.

What you need to do is just go to the below link Fill the form and submit. Our team will call you and assist you for further process.