Interior Paint

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  1. Asian royale play special effects criss-cross
    Reminiscent of your initial scribbles as a child, Criss-Cross uplifts the mood of your home with undaunted creativity. It translates seamless imagination into a playful yet classy materpiece which you once knew as 'just a wall'.
  2. Asian royale play special effects trellis
    Trellis is a beautifully geometrical effect that is calming to the soul. Our fresh spin on squares creates a spatial aura that proves that sometimes, angels can be as beautiful as curves.
  3. Asian royale play special effects bloom
    The beauty of fresh flowers is our muse for the gorgeous effect, Bloom, that elevates the aesthetics of your home while being therapeutic. Bloom gets you closer to both nature and art like never before.
  4. Asian royale play special effects marina
    Dazzle with this delicate, shell-like texture when you recreate the marina, with the bright sun reflecting off the blue sea.
  5. Asian royale play special effects zig zag
    Embellish your home with arresting zig zag patterns that immediately draw the eye, and keep you mesmerised.
  6. Asian royale play dune halo
    The Halo effect takes its subtle sponge-like texture inspired by raw plastered surfaces, and elevates it to a high level of sophistication with its metallic sheen. The depicted effect has an ultra modern appeal - minimal yet profound.
  7. Asian royale play dune drizzle
    The Drizzle effect has a slanted, gentle texture. As the name suggests, it is inspired by tropical rain. The depicted effect has a warmth that can be interpreted in both a modern as well as a rustic, country style.
  8. Asian royale play stucco slate
    Some things are best written in stone. With Royale Play Stucco, you can create finishes inspired by marble and other stone surfaces. It is a lime based plaster with a high sheen and smooth finish. Apply a layer of Royale Protective coat to get best washability performance.
  9. Asian royale play stucco marble shade
    Marble's brilliant shades and unmatched smooth texture come with a promise to turn your walls into the centre piece of your home.
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